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What are the advantages of Wuhan box printing

DATE 2018/04/26 09:06:38
The importance of Wuhan packing box printing must be understood by many people. It's better to learn more information through these at this time, so that we can choose the factory [see more]

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Wuhan Silver Color Printing Co., Ltd., prepress, printing, post production for a one-stop comprehensive printing service provider. It is a new comprehensive center integrating design and printing. It is guided by science and technology, equipped with well-equipped design and layout personnel, proofing and other pre press equipment, and has advanced printing machines such as Heidelberg (full open, half open, five color, four open, eight open) printing machine, and equipped with self-adhesive printing machine, laminating machine, bronzing machine, glazing machine, stapling machine and other excellent post press processing equipment and processes It also has independent printing workshop and packaging workshop. The printing products have the advantages of high printing precision, thick ink layer, fine color and smooth lines. It can provide customers with all-round one-stop printing service and strive to create a first-class printing brand in Wuhan.